Sunday, June 16, 2013

Boffins SOS

Nearly half-way through season 2013 and the Boffins are in trouble.  Stringing together losses; struggling to score goals; feeling old......  Those 'Where's Wally' uniforms are beginning to look less humourous and rather more prophetic.  Might be time for these lost souls to break out the striped beanies during match play.  

Seriously, somethings got to give.  For the sake of the fans - seen in this image jeering rather than cheering - we need to do better, boys

So, with the aim of revitalising the Boffins' fortunes on the soccer pitch I consider that it's time to revitalise the Boffins blog.  

Here you'll read game reports and match stats.  You'll be able to keep track of Dave as he brings home the golden boot, and of Dan as he hovers on the far post waiting for the ball, and occasionally falls over his own feet.  Musso will leave you eating his dust as he relives his glory years (now sadly many decades past).  Newcomer  Jenks will delight with his pace at both ends of the pitch.  The importance of Matt's close attention to opposition forwards will become apparent as wins and losses seem to depend on his presence and absence.  (We'll do the maths on that).  We'll discover if parenthood has dulled Ant's abilities, and if Adam can continue to overcome his aversion to the round-ball game to contribute handily.  Can Stu get through the season without buggering his ankle and ending his surfing career?  Is Bob really worthy of the MVP award? Or is his name really John?  (I know it's not Rob).  Where  is the Super Ham?  (Everywhere, even in goal sometimes).  Will I get to play out of goal....

Cue post number two.  Wait til you read about our strategy for this week....

Good to be back.  

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